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A bunch of stuff to like this week

I like those who offer a daily or weekly selection of article links. I find that my awareness, learning, thinking and discipline are enriched by those offerings. I have had neither the regular discipline of posting nor the discipline of culling to a small list. Oh well. Here are a bunch of things from may own reading and reference this week, with many links probably having come from unacknowledged others. I hope you’ll find some value in at least some of these as I did.

InVision is a company of 700 people without an office. "One of the most important factors for our success is that we do it with everyone," he said. "If you have an office and yet a bunch of people work remote, it can be problematic, because the work experience of the people who work remote is often impoverished compared to the people working from the office." Link

But what about corporate coworking? “One of the key benefits cited by people using coworking spaces is the opportunity for serendipitous encounters with people from outside their own team or organization.” Link

It’s become hugely easy to build a product and market a brand. That’s why you’re seeing and buying products from brands you’ve never heard of. “The microbrand trend is changing who launches products, how they’re funded, manufactured, advertised—even how they are conceived in the first place. Traditional brands from Gillette to J. Crew toTempur Sealy are, in response, forced to copy microbrand innovations” Link

Here’s a bit of proof, from lab to leader. “Our analysis of the food and beverage market from 2013–17 reveals that the top 25 manufacturers are responsible for 59 percent of sales but only 2 percent of category growth. Conversely, 44 percent of category growth has come from the next 400 manufacturers.” Link

Who is Collaborative Fund. anyway? I like the way they think and write. Link and Link

The Psychology of Design is a truly generous and very helpful guide to better product design. “As designers, we can leverage psychology to build more intuitive, human-centered products and experiences. Instead of forcing users to conform to the design of a product or experience, we can use some key principles from psychology as a guide for designing how people actually are. But knowing where to start can be a challenge. Which principles from psychology are useful? What are some examples of these principles at work?” Link

Make sure your refrigerator doesn’t get too fancy. You need one that will take magnets so you can put things there. It will break your creative resistance. Link

Because you know that drawing is the best way to learn, right? “Drawing shouldn’t be about performance, but about process. It’s not just for the “artists,” or even the weekend hobbyists. Think of it as a way of observing the world and learning, something that can be done anytime, like taking notes, jotting down a thought, or sending a text.” Link

5 things to know about the future of jobs. One of them: By 2022, everybody will need an extra 101 days of learning. Link

Is the future of work “perpetual beta”? “The human work of tomorrow will not be based on competencies best-suited for machines, because creative work that is continuously changing cannot be replicated by machines or code. While machine learning may be powerful, connected human learning is novel, innovative, and inspired. Unique customized work is in ‘perpetual beta’.” Link

And perhaps the future of work is actually 5 different conversations. “The future of work can mean anything.  I’ve had many conversations and discussions around the idea of “future of work” where people talk past each other, often focused on different fundamental issues.  In an effort to make sense of this complexity and create some common ground for the many people having these conversations, I propose differentiating between five future of work conversations.” Link

4 key signs your business is getting flabby. “Every strategic decision should face a simple test: could you make the opposite choice without looking stupid?” Link

And I’m not impressed by your stuff. “One story that’s true: Acquiring something luxurious can temporarily increase one’s self-esteem. One story that’s not: Acquiring something luxurious can impress potential friends.” Link

The best films ever made. Maybe. Link

Oh, and of course, this. Link