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Agency 2.0: Clement Mok

Clement Mok

The Office of Clement Mok

Clement is a designer, digital pioneer, software publisher/developer, author, design patent holder and serial entrepreneur. A former creative director at Apple, he founded multiple successful design-related businesses--studio Archetype, CMCD and NetObjects. Most recently he was the Chief Creative Officer of Sapient, and the president of AIGA. Currently, he is Global Director of Design Planning at Sapient, CEO of CMCD Visual Symbols Library, and an independent consultant on a variety of product development projects.

What a wonderful presentation by Clement Mok.

Working now with Sapient, Clement talked about the development of a new model for an advertising agency, Agency 2.0, in the context of Web 2.0 (which, he says, significantly diminishes the power of traditional agencies to influence the market).

I've posted a copy of Clement's presentation, very clever in its composition, on our T drive, and I hope you'll find your way there.

This diagram is delicious and, I think, has implications on the way we conduct our business.

It aligns in provocative ways with our Power of Design diagram.

It makes me think about an inversion of its key words to encourage a measurable action (design ethics, design experiences, design influence, design delivery) and a search for methods to achieve a move from projects to process to "affect."