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Strategy 06: Wrap-up

In a wrap-up session, Chris Meyer summarized the sessions in terms he outlined as "context," "merging" and "emerging."

Context represented the present, but also with the implications of the "baggage" of the past. He spoke of our (business's) apparent preference for a static system. But around us there is a continuing acceleration of change. He defined the role of exploration as removing constraints.

The merging condition was the development of new definitions of value—that there is no value until you experience value: The implications of customer-created value.

Finally, emerging represented the phenomenon of “bottom-up governance” and the notion of self-organizing networks.

Chris verbally described a 2x2 diagram that I hope I've represented appropriately here.

His point was that business and design meet best in the upper right quadrant, with the development of a new value chain.

He closed with the observation that we are now about "the design of organizations in the post-corporate economy."

Quoting from a Tom Stopard play, Arcadia, he said, "It's the best possible time to be alive when everything you thought you knew--is wrong."