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ID Strategy Conference 2006

I had the great opportunity, as a member of Gensler's Consulting Practice Area, and a member of its Steering Committee, to attend the IIT Institute of Design "Strategy" conference last week, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

The core concept of the conference was to explore the space where design, value creation and strategy come together. The conference, begun just last year, attracted some very creative people from design, business, and education to present ideas, chat about the challenge, and network.

I thought I'd offer you a summary of some of the content of the conference, provide some links for your own exploration and, hopefully, start a conversation about this "space" and the influence it might have on our own practice.

For me, there were several interesting threads:

  • The concept of "user experience"
  • The rigor of process
  • The cleverness--and benefits--of research
  • The competitive landscape for designers

I'll leave it to you to find and, I hope, discuss, your own threads of interest in these materials.

The following entries on my pretend/test/feeble/developing blog are merely, and minimally reportorial. I have not yet had the chance to reflect on them, but perhaps your comments can lead me to a more robust presentation and discussion of these ideas.