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DetroitBlog: Great stories

If you have not checked out this blog about our dear city, I encourage you to regularly look for it. Here's the background story:

I have no idea what detroitblog is. It started as a way to share local, personal happenings with a handful of former Detroit-based friends who had moved out of state, and consisted mostly of semi-funny tales of me being drunk around town, among other occurrences.

Then I started breaking into abandoned skyscrapers and photographing the architecture, so that’s been a large part of the focus of the site. Even that’s evolved - early on, I made a quick mention of the history of a place, but after a while I began spending lots of time researching some of the less-famous buildings I’d photographed, mostly though materials at the Burton Collection in the Detroit Public Library, and putting that in the blog to give a somewhat richer background to these places.

As I ran out of abandoned buildings, I started adding all sorts of other stuff, like news, politics, explorations of non-abandoned buildings, and still some of the tales of reckless drunkenness and other bad behavior that characterized the blog from its inception.

That’s why it’s now basically two or three different blogs in the archives. The first couple months the blog was like most other blogs, i.e. a journal of personal goings-on. Then it focused primarily on urban exploration. Now it’s a senseless mix of everything, including explorations, news and politics, and is largely dependent on my mood, how much work I have that day, whether I’ve gotten good photos around town lately, and news events as they happen in the city.

As the site got more readers I went back and deleted some of the older posts, partly because they directly identified people by name, and partly because the posts simply sucked.

But then I figured the hell with it, the blog is what it is, as incongruent and evolving as it has become, so I stopped butchering and left everything as it is, however interesting/uninteresting it all may be. So have at it.