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Day Planning

I've struggled a bit in the past to find an effective, and light, method for planning. I was very pleased to find this image, and this description, for a Single Step Guide to Success (from Heath Bunting).

Some excerpts from the guide:

Follow your day plan almost to the letter unless itstates; do not look in shop windows or at attractivepeople.

Perhaps, see yourself as an actor following ascript.

Consider what might go wrong in your day and runthrough your mind positive actions. This shouldensure that your on-the-ground response will beconstructive.

Note any compulsion to stray from your day plan orany avoidance of any activity or location.

Do not think ill thoughts of others as this willhinder your progress.

Do not worry, its either being dealt with on today'splan or you can add it to tomorrow's.

Do not at any time call yourself a day plan artistor maker. If you are already a day plannist thenseek help from a psychologist.