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How many does it take?

This is the place where bad times get sent to make them belong to somebody else, thus, it seems easy to agree about Detroit because the city embodies everything the rest of the country wants to get over. (link)

It is odd, to have had in my career in this area, some projects in which we asked the question, "How big is too big?" Now, of course, we are all interested in whether the now small is too small or, more hopefully, if there is a critical mass that can be found to achieve stability and catalyze growth.

Just a small note* to this speculation by Ryan Avent in The Bellows (found by way of CEO's for Cities)---I propose that in Detroit it may take just one: A leader who can articulate an unselfish set of principles---whether civic or corporate---and provide a vision that will rally, unite and motivate the very many still here who have cared but have been unable to break through a wall of self-centered power.

*Not intended as a pun, but I understand this whole conversation of Ryan's began over a Twitter tweet, evolving to this challenge: how many people have to move to Detroit before growth becomes self-sustaining?


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