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True ups, let gos, and big leaps

I've lost the original source, but I am still motivated by the phrase I had captured from the original article. Commenting on an otherwise passive role, the president of the company referred to his CEO's interventions as "true-ups, let gos, and big leaps." I think this is a great agenda for the new decade for all of us.

True-ups, to me, are the recalibrations we should make. What do we think about the purpose and mission of our enterprise, and how "true" are our current actions to that purpose? Alternatively, if we've found that we've lost value in the recession and cannot find a way to recapture it, how do we realign what we do to have greater value in the very new and different world we now are experiencing?

Let gos are certainly the things we've done in the past that no longer have value. The world has shifted radically, and to long nostalgically for a "recovery" that allows us to do the same old things again is a suicide strategy.

Big leaps are the moves I think we should have been making over the past year or more, and now must urgently make, to catch up with the big shift that has taken place in the economy and in society that is redefining everything about value in the next generation.

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