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I came across this reference today in one of the LinkedIn group discussions. This seems like such a great – and generous – concept.

Organizational Spaces will act as "a worldwide meeting plaza that connects organizations that will build with organizations that have built. Organizations that have built can share their enthusiasm about the use of their workspace and building (interior) with others. Organizations that will build can learn from it."

There is, of course, a huge number of architecture-focused web sites but it seems there are very few dedicated to the design, performance and experience of what's inside them. Organization Spaces has tabs and a few projects illustrated in categories including offices, shops, factories, health care and other. I've seen reference to a couple of leaders in corporate workplace design who have already uploaded information.

It will be interesting to watch the development of this site. I'll especially be interested in how an online exchange like this might offer a value in experience, information and networking that supplements or is better than conventional professional societies and organizations.

What a great phrase – share their enthusiasm about the use of their workspace.