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Twenty years of schoolin' and they put you on the day shift

In between other things, I took the EAT Test (Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test). Here's my score.

What does this mean? I think it implies that I might do better with a day job.

According to the test designers –

Heart Dominant Heart dominant individuals are the artists of the business world. You're probably destined to be (or already are) some amalgam of founder, iconoclast, and visionary. You may be stubborn when it comes to your idea, but it is because you already have the three-act narrative bursting inside your head. And it's an authentic narrative with nuance, feeling, and reasons for all of its particularities. You care deeply about what you are doing and can extemporaneously express your vision to anyone who will listen. The driving hunger is to translate that passion into reality and to make a change bigger than just your product. The journey towards achieving your goal is a rewarding experience in and of itself, and you tend to value the intrinsic (e.g. the sense of a meaningful role) as much as the extrinsic (e.g. money). Whether you are starting or you are doing, you are inspired by a deep purpose that drives your decision-making ahead of everything else.

Smarts Dominant You have always been bright and intellectually driven, and people describe you as a highly talented individual. While your Smarts may come in the form of book smarts, street smarts, people or creative smarts, the distinguishing factor is that you navigate decisions rationally and analytically, not just from the Heart or Gut. Ultimately you have a better than average capacity and ability to recognize patterns. You tend to consider these patterns of facts, some from past experience, along with others' opinions, before making critical decisions. This is because while you may have deep Heart and passion for an idea, you have enough pragmatism to not get ahead of the external realities around you, like market conditions or technological challenges.

Here's a link to the test if you'd like to try it yourself –