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Some of what we're working on now

We are slowly getting around to updating some of the parts of this blog/web site that have gotten a bit stale, and hope to get this done by the end of the year. in the meantime, we've updates our "How" page with this information on some of our current activities. We'll periodically post further updates and additional information on many of these subjects. If you have any thoughts, questions, or interest in these subjects, let us know in the comments, or by email. The technical workplace The spaces where lots of people in manufacturing, science, R&D, and other businesses and professions has been allowed to atrophy. We wonder if the aspirations we have for innovation, leadership and growth may be stunted by working spaces and places still guided by patterns and paradigms of process, hierarchy, supervision, status, institutional culture, and authority. If the places of invention became more like the places where invention is used, will we achieve more?

Fast, slow and spiky We once thought that the right way to accommodate different generations in the workplace was by reference to paradigms around preferred officing form. But it’s not about age, it’s about pace. How should we think differently about the best ways to effectively engage different generations through new design principles in the workplace?

The campus in the city This is an old model becoming new, again. The concept of the suburban corporate campus is dying, and universities are seeking to gain and deliver the benefits of community and market engagement. What should we be thinking about as the corporation takes on a new form and as gown returns to town?

Moving the CRE to HR Under the finance function, corporate real estate pushed everybody out of the workplace. Now organizations want them back. Is CRE under HR the way?

How to think about the workplace in 2012 Not trend, but revolution. How this year will set a foundation for a new approach to workspace design.

Social connectivity as a driving value for the workspace We learned something about “hubs,” “gate-keepers” and “pulse-takers,” and then we wrapped workplace designs around the uncovered network maps. Oops. Now it’s time to design workspaces to nurture new and continuously dynamic networks. How?

Gaming the workspace Game designers work differently than you and I, and in a very different kind of workspace. But why? What can we “learn from Las Vegas” and from the world of game developers?

Redefining efficiency When we’ve wrung out the real estate of the workplace, what’s left? How does “efficiency” shift from a bottom line metric to a top line driver? How does design help?

The 80/20 workplace 80% of how we work and communicate was not possible 5 years ago, but only 20% of workplace design has yet responded to this rapidly evolving change. What should we demand now to achieve the potential in the new tools and techniques of work?