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The Pirate Whisperer

In this picture released by U.S. Navy, Sunday,  Sept. 28, 2008, Somali pirates in small boats are seen alongside the hijacked ship "Faina". Somalia says foreign powers may use force against Somali pirates who are holding the ship loaded with battle tanks for $20 million ransom, raising the stakes for a group of bandits who are facing off against the United States on the high seas. (AP Photo/U.S. Navy)

Fascinating interview with a key negotiator in the Somali pirate activity.

Andrew Mwangura has the underground world of African piracy wired. Somali pirates trust him. Warlords respect him. And human-rights activists admire him for putting his neck on the line to keep sailors safe on the lawless high seas...Unfortunately for Mwangura, an ex-journalist who lives in a shack without running water on the beach in Mombasa, the Kenyan government doesn’t see him as a hero.

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