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Oh, and I'd like to introduce...

shapeimage_5 My wife and her great work.

SALT (sôlt), n. Sodium chloride (NaCl):

a semi-transparent granular substance

company concept:

The company name, saltlabs, makes for a good word tango as it relates to my various products.

Salt: for its surface resemblance to the glass objects I make; for the transparency it evokes; for its global and historic use as a trading commodity; and for it being an essential element of life.

Labs: to denote my “experimental” interest in diversifying my products through combining, testing and trying new things - all for the fun of it. No scientific stuff here.

Salt is indigenous to Michigan and part of our local legacy in Detroit. The Detroit Salt Company still mines salt under the City of Detroit. We live with a virtual city of salt under our feet.

handmade and vintage/global products:

The focus: my own "handmade-in-detroit" products, plus vintage/global products - hand made by others - that reflect good design, and authenticity.

The objective: a mix of old and new; of well-traded, well-worn artifacts vs. the simple & modern. Each fuels my design sense in different ways. Both co-exist in my home & work environment.

product design:

This site’s “handmade” products are original in design and handmade by me, Robbi Lindeman.

The product designs are based on images I collect, redesign and print. Transfer application  varies per product. Inherent in handmade objects are occasional minor imperfections that are meant to be part of their uniqueness and appeal.

New designs and product are introduced whenever possible. Keep an eye out for them - by browsing my product menu. Use the shop menu to make a purchase.