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The M-Shaped Strategy Weekly for 14 November 2015

I might come back to this subject in other places here. In a post with a great title – Start with a bang and make it mnemonic. A lesson in pitching – Phil Adams recalls sitting on the client's side of new business presentations. His world is advertising, but I think the story, about deeply considering the client and shaping a strategy to advance their objectives, is relevant to almost any customer-facing business. It probably is especially relevant to those in less commercial practices.

There are these marvelously concise statements that are so insightful.

This one illustrates a post from Benedict Evans about technology ecosystems and the current state of the PC market. More on that in a minute, but first, that great observation about the character of the workplace that so many people and organizations want to hold on to, yet one that is so impersonal. The metaphor of the cubicle as a cell in a spreadsheet ought to shake the last inhabitants of the corporate workplace of the past few decades out of place.

Even in sophisticated cities, a bit of lawlessness is essential to illuminate a new way of enhancing the quality of life. In Helsinki, it was Ravintolapäivä, or Pop-up Restaurant Day.

I think that tracking the use of space is, in the interim, okay.

"The name of the telecommunications giant Sprint, for example, was originally an acronym for Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Networking Telephony." Or, more thinking about what, exactly, is "the cloud."

Another place where the middle is disappearing.

"...some institutions that thrive on their tensions for many years can one day find them exhausted, worn out, limp, their continued use driven more by convenience and habit than by vibrancy and vigor." (here)

I am always appreciative of the viewpoints and observations from other professions. One of the delightful places to land on a monthly basis is Neil Perkin's (Only Dead Fish) "Post of the Month." Neil's domain is marketing/media/advertising but his range of reading and interests is broad and he periodically cues up some very interesting material.

One of those links was a good reminder to me to always return to City of Sound. Dan Hill is very thoughtful about the role of architecture and urbanism in our time. His post/essay, The Commodification of Everything is a great read. It's part of a trilogy you should check out.