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Myths of bitcoin, technology and the economy, and gentrification...and other things making up this edition of the M-Shaped Strategy Weekly

We are quite fascinated with the scale and momentum of the conversation and developments in the automobile and tech industries around the concept of the autonomous vehicle, the driverless car. This breathless article in the Atlantic, "The High Stakes Race to Rid the World of Human Drivers," is one of them, setting out a good explanation of the agenda.

The tone is continued in this article from Jalopnik, The Autonomous Winter is Coming," saying the future of the car company is in making a decision between having a steering wheel or not.

The Atlantic article addresses some of the potential for autonomous systems in the commercial space, in the sense of autonomous trucking. This article illustrates and explains why we should hope that day arrives soon.

The tiny home movement has these little inflections every now and then. The New York Times reports on a developer who has commissioned big name architects to develop designs deliverable in months anywhere in the world.

Instagram is getting some good attention again. This article, "How to Tell Powerful Narratives on Instagram," is an example of the serious journalism achievable in the medium. An this article in the New York Times, "Serious Play," identifies some of the professional photographers moving to Instagram.

Slate, in its article, "The Myth of Gentrification," offers that its occurrence is actually quite seldom and that there are other more substantial reasons for why neighborhoods change.

In "The Tech Revolution Fails to Deliver," Bloomberg looks at the data for rising productivity and economic growth and finds that technology is not as valuable as we'd thought.

Wired speculated that "Bitcoin's Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius."

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