MEREDITH Strategy + Design

We design the places and spaces where people come together to do great work

We deeply consider the experiences of work, and especially their effectiveness in achieving the purposes and goals of the organization. We then shape integrated operating environments to enable our clients to attain higher quality, satisfaction, engagement, performance and achievement in their work.

We accept and appreciate the reality that “work” and “life” are interlaced – both for individuals and for organizations, each of whom perform their work in direct or indirect collaborative relationships with others in “communities.” For us and for our clients, the spaces of work are not a single place but are multiple settings in a network of touchpoints and experiences.

Our concepts change the conventional formal lexicon of work and the workplace, and we deliver excellent design as the exquisitely appropriate response to our first focus – the job our client is trying to do for its customers, clients, or stakeholders.

No engagement is a “project” for us, but is instead the design and delivery of a current “setting” for capturing or delivering value in the emerging context in which the organization does its work.

Our products are primarily experienced as the places and spaces in which work is done. We also deliver strategies, technologies and products that may emerge from our core practice, and provide them for the benefit of our clients.

We consider our commitment to the success of our clients to be mutual, and this affects our choice of the clients and challenges we accept, and the methods by which we are selected and engaged by them.

We refuse to seek profit at the expense of others, the planet, or the future. Since we are committed to the performance of our clients, we obtain the resources we need to sustain and nurture our practice in “arbitrage” – our clients share with us the pleasures and fruits of the differential success they attain by moving their work to the environments we design.