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Weeknotes 2/1/14 – Looking back

I had thought that it would be easier, with  bit of declared intention backing me up, to post a weekly reflection on “stuff.” I have not been very successful.

If I gave myself an excuse, it would be that the past few weeks have been very busy. We have had the opportunity to propose on, interview for, kick off, and develop several projects that have grabbed our full attention and interest.

Beyond the specific scope and focus of each of them, I’ve noticed that we are increasingly expanding the span of our intention. That is, each of the projects or opportunities we have been working on recently seem to have engaged us well beyond the program or brief. We have been exploring our client’s problem with a wide sweep through history, society, business, culture, economy, purpose, values and future. We are finding our clients becoming more interested in approaches and insights that reframe the functional program we’ve been given and enrich their projects with greater value. Our mutual immersion makes us lose track of time. The conventional cadences of the week, including these weeknotes, have disappeared.

The ability to stop and reflect, to gain a bit of distance, to shift perspective still seems to have significant value, at least in promise. A new resolution and dedication is in the works.