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SMPS Michigan Workplace Strategy Panel

I was part of a panel speaking before the Michigan Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professionals. The event took place on February 18th and focused on some of the emerging drivers influencing the path of workplace planning and design strategies for our clients and markets. The panel was an excellent one including representatives from a client organization, a real estate professional, a change management consultant and myself, representing design. (Link)

My comments reflected some of the matters that we see important to our clients and how we are responding to them. Guided by the moderator's questions, I addressed five subjects –

  1. Evaporative cooling – a condition some clients are experiencing in which their workplace, more a hindrance than a help to achievement, contributes to the progressive loss of their top performers.
  2. Managers' versus makers' spaces – how workplace design has rarely focused on the makers, yet this is the largest base for design, engineering and manufacturing in the country. Makers are much different from managers and need a different approach to workplace planning and design. (Link)
  3. Four layers over the workplace – Our perception that the workplace can learn from gaming. Think about the catalysts for four actions: Check in, Meet up, Join in, Move up. (Link)
  4. Plazas and warrens – the lexicon of the old and new workplace – open versus closed, for example – is too charged and evokes solutions before purpose. Spatial metaphors can hel break out of conventional solutions.
  5. The new suburbanization – the trending desire in the 'burbs to do an urban makeover, essential to the way that work is being done now.

Let us know if you'd like to have us speak at your event.