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2016 Week 5 – Limbo

I haven’t had much time to get back to weeknotes in a while. I am not sure that I really have time now, but better habits suggest I’d better get writing and writing regularly. Here goes.

I am working on a framework to use as an offering to certain clients for certain types of projects and to guide the thinking and design work of our teams across our national platform.

The framework is intended to exist in several layers. As a business framework, it should shape the way we recruit, organize and deploy our design teams. As a services framework, it should have the development of a number of tools and applications within in to apply to a client’s context, derive insights, and generate designs. As a thinking framework, it should help our clients open their minds as they consider how to convey their problem to us and use the framework to explore alternative concepts to achieve their aspirations and goals.

I, and my colleagues, at least as far as we talk about these things, are in concurrence that the framework is valid. We’ve tested versions of it with a couple of clients and they concur in its value to generate an entirely more relevant and authentic design approach for what they are trying to do.

Yet, I am struggling a bit to get our thinking and experience shaped into a “document,” of sorts, to use in expanding the comprehension and delivery of the model both internally with staff and externally in our marketing and services.

After several drafts, I believe I have something good, but I am not yet ready to roll it out. Part of my hesitation is form – each audience for the framework should have a different kind of “document.” Internally, it might be a tutorial. With clients, it might be an outline of an approach or a proposal of services. In marketing, it needs to become something of an article, and a presentation, and a whitepaper. In every case, it needs to remain open, to augment or adapt as we learn from each application.

As this week comes to a close, i am a bit stuck in current form and need a breakthrough. With others, next week?